Counter inverter ups converter charger dc to ac controler solarcell: JUAL INVERTER DENGAN CHARGER (ups) 1000 Watt


Harga : Rp 1.500.000,-

Maximum 1000W continuous output power Peak Power: 2000Watt

Input Voltage: 10V-15.5V Output Voltage: 110V or 230V RMS

Output Frequency: 50 Hz/60hz Converter Efficiency: >90%

Output waveform: Modified sine wave Charge Control: Auto 3-Stages

Compatible battery types: Wet/gel Charger charge voltage: 13.8V

Charger charge rate: 10A Max. Charge Rate: 12A

Full protection: Yes. Low Voltage Alarm: 10.6V,

Low Voltage Shutdown: 10V with auto reset.


When DC12V inputs AC110V/60HZ or AC220V/50HZ corrected sine wave outputs, Maximum 1000W continuous outputs, and 2000W surge power.

Optimize for running or recharge notebook computer, digital camera, mobile phone, and camcorder in car. Universal plugs output, sharing alloy shells.

Auto 3-stages Battery Charging. Stage I: Rapid charge the battery with constant high current fit for heavy-loaded condition. Stage II: Moderately charge the battery with constant voltage. This allows the battery to well absorb the charge and maximum battery’s life. Stage III: After the battery charged to around 99% full, the charger automatically switch to floating-mode that keeping the battery in well condition.

Low-interference technology to prevent television, display and audio interference, and give full play to the energy battery.

Make users easily start non-resistance load, being securing with the all-function protection circuit .

With unique design of high-speed air-cooled, the inverter fully load for a long time, and the surface isn't in high temperature.

Thermal protection: The unit shut down when it overheats.

Leakage Protection: the unit automatically sense, and stop AC output when the load on earth leakage

Battery low-level alert: The inverter-alarm to remind users of timely charge when the battery discharge to 10.6V level.

Battery low-level protection: The unit shut down when battery discharges to 10V and prevent damage to battery.

Overload protection: The unit shut down when the loading power exceeds the rating power.

Short circuit protection: The unit shut down when output is short circuit.

Automatic reply function: When all the fault (except for leakage protection) removed, the output automatically reply, convenient operation